Bella the dog was out for her daily run through the woods. She returned to her owners lame on one of her hindlegs. She was taken to her local vet who suspected she had a ruptured cruciate ligament.

They prescribed some anti inflammatory painkillers and referred Bella to see Don at Dogwood Vets.
Don examined Bella and based on this confirmed that Bella had ruptured her cranial cruciate ligament. To offer her the best chance of returning to normal activity he planned to perform the tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA) procedure. X-rays were taken of Bella’s stifles (knee joints) to plan the surgery. The procedure went smoothly and she was discharged the following day.

Two weeks after her surgery she had a checkup with Don to assess her progress. Her lameness was resolving and her owners were pleased with her progress. Bella’s exercise had to be restricted during the recovery period to prevent any problems occurring. X-rays will be taken after 6 weeks to make sure the bone has healed well. If all is normal she will be allowed to return to running through the woods and enjoying her normal walks.