What is a veterinary CT scan?

A CT (computerised tomography) scan is a type of advanced imaging that lets us analyse parts of the body that would usually be inaccessible, like the lungs, abdomen and ears. A 2D image of a slice or a section of a 3D object, it’s often likened to looking at a slice of bread as a sample of the entire loaf.

Our CT scanning facilities are some of the most advanced in the UK, with a 16-slice scanner that’s capable of carrying out scans in as little as 15 seconds.


When might we require a
CT scan?

Our CT scanner constructs a 3D image of the scanned area. This is extremely valuable in assessing and diagnosing the following:

Musculo-skeletal problems – including fractures, joint problems, and growth deformities

Oncology – including metastatic screening, primary tumour identification, and pre-surgical tumour assessment

Head – including nasal diseases, middle and inner ear diseases, trauma, Periocular diseases, and brain tumours

Abdomen – Including vascular anomalies, haemorrhages, organ contusions, and problems with the splenic, pancreatic, adrenal, liver, and urogenital systems

Thorax – including lymph nodes, pulmonary and pleural diseases, complex rib fractures, and mediastinal diseases

What you and your pet
can expect

A veterinary CT scan is non-invasive procedure, so your pet will experience no pain or discomfort. As the scan itself only lasts for a very short time, many pets will only need a mild sedative beforehand, although in some cases general anaesthetic may be required to ensure they
remain still.

After assessing the results of the CT scan, our specialist will discuss and recommend treatment options.


vets assisting a dog into MRI scanner  

Expert veterinary CT
scan services

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